In a joint tourism initiative, BAJA California municipalities sign an MOU with GrinGO to strengthen the border tourism economy & digitalize the region’s Safety Corridors


(June 10, 2022 / Baja California) Tourism industry leadership from the municipalities of Tecate, Tijuana and Ensenada gathered to celebrate the signing of MOUs with GrinGO to drive more US tourism to the region and to integrate additional travel safety measures through innovation that will generate greater tourist confidence along BAJA’s highway system. The MOUs highlight the intent to cooperate on joint marketing and promotion initiatives stimulating the continued re-activation of Mexico tourism post-Covid, and to support U.S. tourists in the region with travel safety resources, advisories, and information along their travel journey from the border to their final destinations in BAJA.

The economy along the Pacific Coast thrives on cross-border tourism and so as the BAJA region has returned to a green light on the country’s COVID semaforo system, keeping it there remains a high priority. GrinGO’s communication systems will welcome inbound U.S. tourists through GPS enabled push notifications with a message from the Mayor of that city in the form of a ‘Bienvenida’ (welcome) that then informs the visitor of real-time travel and health advisories, local health protocols, and ends with the promotion of a touristic point of interest or special cultural event happening that week.

Today, Tourists research everything from their phone, billboards are becoming irrelevant, and so to be able to participate effectively in these times of modernization we have to rethink our strategies in the topic of tourism promotion,” says Edgar Dario Benitez Ruiz, Mayor of Tecate.

Promoting ‘Ruta BAJA’ is one of GrinGO’s focused areas of tourism promotion this summer. ‘Ruta BAJA’ begins as you enter Tecate, a Pueblo Magico that offers a wonderful cultural experience rooted by the Kumiai and is the birthplace of the world-famous beer, Tecate. After a sampling at the factory beer garden, the route takes you South to Valle de Guadalupe (VDG) where you can visit more than 80+ wineries. VDG produces more than 80% of Mexico’s wines, many recognized around the world such as Monte Xanic or L.A. Cetto. And nothing pairs better with wine than gourmet foods. The Gastronomia scene has attracted top chefs from around the world to cook up some Michelin star dishes. Just 10min outside of VDG you will arrive to Ensenada greeted by the smell of fresh seafood. Ensenada is a city nestled along the Pacific Ocean that is home to a Cruise Ship port. The entire coast from Ensenada up to Tijuana is populated with additional seafood villages such as Popotla or Puerto Nuevo, known for the spider crabs and spiny lobsters. The roadtrip then ends in the massive border city of Tijuana also known for its vast culinary scene and of course, pictures with the legendary Donkeys on Avenida Revolucion.

It is one of the most distinct and beautiful routes in all of Mexico that covers so many environments along a 170-mile stretch. Between 5-10% of tourism in the region comes from Arizona and so it’s a very untapped opportunity to expose this wonderful 3/4-day weekend roadtrip as an alternative to San Diego, a destination popular with Arizona Residents,” says Brian Krupski, Founder CEO of GrinGO.


(June 10, 2022 / Baja California) In a joint tourism initiative, BAJA California municipalities sign an MOU with GrinGO to strengthen the border tourism economy & digitalize the region’s Safety Corridors ..Click Here for more