GrinGO unveils new user interface & feature assisting Mexico-bound travelers to eliminate the language barrier


(February 08, 2022 / Phoenix, Arizona) GrinGO, a safety-driven travel app & destination marketing company, today unveiled the release of its new user interface for its mobile app platform. Users of the free app can now better navigate between its travel or safety features through a fully redesigned home-screen. As part of GrinGO’s commitment to continue to integrate safety-driven technologies, the new update offers an English to Spanish and Spanish to English translator that is powered by Google.

The translations are machine learning-based that are powered by Google’s cloud infrastructure utilizing Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology to support both Android and iOS. NMT makes use of the machine learning techniques such as using the artificial neural network to “predict the likelihood of a sequence of words, typically modeling entire sentences in a single integrated model.”

The barrier of communication is an obstacle of the past. Today, mobile technology and apps like GrinGO give foreigners the opportunity to learn more about the history and culture in the destinations they visit by connecting with the local community in their own language,” says Jorge Mendoza-Yescas, Consul General of Mexico in Phoenix.

Cross-cultural Communication is critical to public-safety for anyone visiting a foreign country. In the situation that a traveler is hurt or sick, the ability to accurately speak to a first responder or medical practitioner is crucial. The app’s new translation feature can assist users to receive immediate first aid that results in a quicker patient recovery to health. In times where a tourist is threatened and in need of Mexico military or local police help, communication is also key to stay protected or chase down the perpetrator. The new feature functions by either text-to-text or voice-to-text and has an audio button that will speak out the translation. “In certain crisis situations your hands can be too shaky to type and so the voice-to-text can better assist the foreigner to convey the message in Spanish to a first responder,” says Brian Krupski, CEO of GrinGO.

The application of this new feature expands beyond just public-safety and also centers around social interaction. “In the previous version of the app there wasn’t much opportunity for continual in-app engagement. This feature helps enhance the overall travel experience by promoting social interaction with the local community to learn more about their culture and history. It makes it a lot easier to navigate down a menu at lunch or dinner,” says Krupski.

With a company mission of facilitating a borderless travel experience, the GrinGO app continues to integrate a suite of travel products and services to meet today’s traveler along their vacation purchase journey, and then strive to make it memorable and SAFE. So, where do you want to GO today!?…. Download the free GrinGO app,


Feb 8th, 2022 GrinGO Unveils new interface & feature assisting Mexico-bound travelers to eliminate the language barrier. Click Here for more