The Safety-Corridor between Lukeville and Sonoyta has gone DIGITAL!



(October 11, 2021 / Phoenix, AZ)  September welcomed new government administrations at all levels across the State of Sonora, and Puerto Peñasco elected a new Mayor who immediately hit the ground running focused on keeping his campaign promise of “Antes Que Nada.”  Each year 2.5 million tourists visit Puerto Peñasco, an Arizona beach getaway that many call Rocky Point and Mayor Jorge Pivac is no stranger to tourism.  As a local hotel and restaurant operator, the Mayor recognizes that maintaining a healthy tourism industry in his city is a top priority for continued economic growth.

Today the City of Puerto Peñasco in a public-private partnership signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Phoenix-based GrinGO to build upon the efforts started by Governors Doug Ducey and Claudia Pavlovich to modernize the safety-corridor in today’s era of digitalization.  In witness, members of the Arizona Senate and House of Representatives applauded the effort. “As Vice Chair of the Senate’s Transportation Committee it’s great to see mobile technology applied toward travel safety addressing everything from roadside travel to quicker access to first responders, assisting Arizona residents with a borderless experience.  I drive to Rocky Point often and the GrinGO App has given me that extra peace of mind,” says Senator TJ Shope.

GrinGO has seen its user growth exceed beyond 10k+ this summer and has integrated additional travel safety features and tools to communicate with tourists in the case of risk and prevention. The CEO of GrinGO Brian Krupski, stated: “When you are on vacation, you typically are unplugged from traditional media such as local TV/Radio.  On social you are more engaged in sharing your experiences, over scrolling through friends’ posts or community forums.  This partnership gives the City of Puerto Peñasco access to deploy factual information related to tourist safety in real-time, while preventing rumors or spreading travel fear to other parts of Mexico.”

“Real-time communication with foreign tourists is a challenge for local governments in the case of risk or threat, says Mayor Pivac.  GrinGO’s platforms will complement our existing communication infrastructure and expand our reach to be able to welcome tourists to our City, inform travelers about the latest COVID protocols in our efforts to contain the spread of the virus, and communicate to tourists in real-time on any incidents along Highway 8 or within our city limits.“

Mexico’s Federal Highway 8 separates Arizona and Puerto Peñasco by only 60 miles.  Yet that 60 miles for many is a two-way road of a love and hate relationship.  Despite the shortened hours at the Lukeville port of entry, the saying of “Don’t drive after dark” is still echoed in social media group forums.  It’s a concern the GrinGO App hopes to put at ease through advancements in mobile technology.  Buen Viaje Amigos!

GrinGO is a FREE app available on both ios and android app stores that serves as a digital concierge offering travel services and safety resources to minimize risk and enhance a traveler’s experience abroad.