Safety-Driven Mexico Travel App GrinGO, launches its Hotel Reservation System!



(September 16, 2021 / Phoenix, AZ)  Millions of US travelers last weekend spent Labor Day dipping their toes in the sand or cooling off in high elevations.  Reaching a new company milestone, GrinGO surpassed 10k+ users and today on Mexico Independence Day you can now book your next stay South of the Border in Mexico using GrinGO’s Hotel Reservation system.

“We are very excited to bring a new concept to the market that integrates both our online and offline platforms during a time where travel safety continues to be a top concern for today’s traveler, says Brian Krupski, CEO of GrinGO.  The Hotel reservation system complements our safety resources that help fulfill our mission of minimizing risk and creating a borderless travel experience.”

As an early-stage tech startup last year, the COVID pandemic caused GrinGO to adjust and pivot, creating the opportunity to focus on building technology solutions to assist in the re-activation of the tourism industry.  As a result, GrinGO’s Destination Marketing business unit was formed and quickly expanded to dozens of destination websites using its GO Explore domain that informs tourists of the latest local COVID risk levels, biosecurity protocols, and a few tourist points of interest.  The new booking system is powered by AMADEUS and unifies GrinGO’s online network in sections named Destination Spotlight, Safest Beaches, and offers Vacation Package Deals.  Outside of those deals, the booking system pulls negotiated pricing that is very competitive promoting its users to now price check the GrinGO App for single or multi-night stays in Mexico.

Mexico continues to be the top international destination for US travelers during the pandemic as the country is known for pristine white beaches and pre-Hispanic colonial towns recognized as some of the top cities in the world.  Since December 2020, destinations such as Cancun or Puerto Vallarta have started to see tourism visitation reach pre-pandemic levels, or surge to new high as witnessed in Tulum.  However, new COVID variants continue to limit many hotels from returning to 100% capacity as many States in Mexico remain in the Orange or Red of the national SEMAFORO system.  Under the CDC order implemented in the first days of the Biden Administration back in January, we still encourage US travelers to jump onto the GrinGO app and access our TRAVEL feature to purchase their Travel Insurance that does not exclude COVID in the case you do test positive while in MEXICO and are required to get treated and quarantine for 14 days in country until you are cleared to return back to the US.  This travel restriction still only applies to Air Travel.

Mexico tourism is on the rebound and now when you ask the question of “Where do you want to GO today?….booking your stay through GrinGO is a premier choice for travel South of the Border.

Buen Viaje Amigos!