GrinGO App goes live with version 4.0

(July 21, 2023 / Phoenix, AZ)  Each year millions of US travelers update their phones to the latest models utilizing 5G technology or replace them from being lost, stolen, or broken.  Today GrinGO went live with a new version of its travel app that saves your data in the case of replacing your old phone.  Upon the launch of the app, a one-time registration feature was added that generates a full user profile and then navigates the user to create an account login.  The login also adds that extra layer of security to sensitive or personal data that our users may keep within the app.

The GrinGO App has data and travel history features such as the ICE Card (health record) and hotel reservations.  “Nothing is more frustrating than replacing your cell phone and having to update your records all over again or losing the history of your travel experiences.  As we prepare for a national launch campaign, we wanted to be certain that our user experience (UX) maintained an optimal process and flow that helps us retain our users once they download our free app” says Brian Krupski, CEO of GrinGO.  The new user profile also sets the foundation for the near future implementation of a social community that will connect our GrinGO’s to interact and share their travel experiences with each other.

Additional changes to the app include a design and branding facelift to the foreign currency exchange feature for users who seek to transfer their BUCKS for PESOS to family, friends or pay vendors.  This feature is now branded GO Xchange and continues its affiliate partnership with WISE, a fintech company of the year based in Europe that is backed by a co-founder of PayPal.

Version 4.0 is an evolution of the GrinGO App that now enables the company to integrate new safety-driven features and bring the travel community closer together.  Since the launch of its previous version 3.0 last year in March that introduced a completely redesigned user interface, GrinGO has doubled its user base, significantly boosted its subscribers of travel notifications, and has maintained strong retention and app engagement levels bringing further validation that the company is on the right track of fulfilling its mission of minimizing risk and creating a borderless travel experience for its users.


(July 21, 2023 / Phoenix, AZ)  GrinGO App goes live with version 4.0 Click Here for more