In a joint tourism initiative, GrinGO and COTUCO Rosarito sign an MOU in recognition of Marketing Collaboration Partnership to strengthen its tourism economy and digitalize the Safety Corridor from Tijuana



(April 20, 2021 / Rosarito, Baja California) Today in a signing ceremony, GrinGO and COTUCO Rosarito from the state of BAJA California initiated an MOU to cooperate on joint marketing and promotion initiatives stimulating the re-activation of Mexico tourism, and to support U.S. tourists in the region with travel safety resources, advisories, and information along their journey from Tijuana to the beaches of Rosarito.

This year the tourism industry worldwide continued to limit travel and implement strict COVID protocols within its communities.  Rosarito, a popular Spring Break and Semana Santa hotspot with thousands of visitors from Southern California, remained high on the COVID risk level.  Mayor Araceli Brown assured that all measures would be put in place to keep the spread of COVID from reaching local city residents and further shutting down business, by restricting inbound travel from Tijuana or Ensenada to essential only.  The economy along the Pacific Coast thrives on tourism and so returning to a green light on the country’s semaforo system remains a high priority.  In Mexico each city has its own autonomy on to what extent they want to implement their version of “CDC” recommendations coming from the national Secretariat de Salud. Lately this autonomy has caused widespread confusion with tourists as Tijuana and Rosarito differed in the hours certain social-driven businesses such as restaurants nightclubs, or bars could operate.

The MOU is a testament to the power of both our mobile platform and border digital technologies that are ready to assist the State to effectively communicate with visiting US tourists in real-time on both Travel and Health Advisories, that include the latest COVID biosecurity protocols,” says Brian Krupski, Founder/CEO of the GrinGO app.

COTUCO Rosarito Director Irán Leonardo Verdugo recognized the need to better communicate to U.S. tourists who arrive to his city informed by 2nd hand information they received from sources such as a Facebook forum chat group.

Continued efforts are underway to reach herd immunity through vaccinations.   However, the road to economic recovery and the full rebound of tourism remains on its own travel path of uncertainty.  What is certain, through guideline prepared this time around to help tourists minimize risk and enhance their experience abroad by adopting health and hygiene global standardized protocols as the “New Normal” – so tourism industry consumers can experience ‘Safe Travels’.