Grin serves as a Global Distribution System (GDS) of travel services and safety resources for US and Canadian citizens traveling to Mexico with features that minimize risk to enhance a positive experience abroad.

We understand the power and value of innovation, and therefore we are committed to foster a culture of producing cutting-edge software development and technological advancement applied to the Tourism industry that works toward eliminating vulnerabilities and fear when traveling abroad. GrinGO will strive to be a mobile app leader for travel abroad within Mexico, Caribbean, and LATAM for US and Canadian Travelers offering products and resources made easily accessible through smartphones technology.

Grin was used to label Foreigners rooted back in mid-19th century in Spain. In other Spanish- speaking countries and contexts, chiefly in Americas, GrinGo is a person, especially an American who is not Hispanic or Latino. Today more than 25 million Americans and over 2 million Canadians travel to Mexico at least once per year via Auto, Boat and Plane. The minute any citizen leaves their own country, they become vulnerable under the new laws and way of life in other countries. The Gringo app strives to create a borderless southbound travel experience.

GrinGo makes travelling abroad to Mexico easy, fun and safe. Find services and resources that will helo you minimize risk and create memories to last a lifetime.

Unlike other travel apps, GrinGo makes it convenient to get you going where you need to go all underneath your fingertips. And once you’ve arrived… Now its on you to experience all that your destination has to offer.